Case Studies
CPAC Modular deliver a wide variety of complex modular construction projects throughout Ireland for a wide variety of clients and use cases.

Case Studies

Gaelscoil Laighean

Gaelscoil LaigheanMount Anville

A former council depot (brown field) site was the chosen location for this 876m² two storey Primary School.

Beginning March 2023 with a 24-week programme for all works to be completed before the end of August 2023; we executed the production management plan within our production facilities to complete this project within the tight timescale.

Planning granted on this project came with strict conditions; noise, dust and vibration monitoring carried out weekly.

Protection and monitoring of several trees identified on the site was carried out throughout the programme and finally, strict traffic monitoring and access control was provided.

Kishoge Primary School

Kishoge Primary SchoolKishoge, Lucan

A greenfield site located adjacent to Kishoge Community College is the location for this 3,600m² two storey Enhanced Modular Building (EMB).

Beginning October 2023, with a 72-week programme for all works to be complete, this project is the first Enhanced 3D Volumetric educational modular building in Ireland.

Utilising our Common Data Environment (CDE), this project has seen rapid design development with collaboration between all stakeholders, client design teams, local council officials and our own in-house design and engineering teams.

Pobalscoil Iosolde

Pobalscoil IosoldePalmerstown

2023 marked the 40th anniversary of Palmerstown Community School in the locality. Celebrations throughout the year culminated at an open day with pupil led tours of their new 1,200m² two storey modular building.

For the entirety of onsite construction, an extremely limited space for the building footprint to conduct all works meant ensuring safety and access to the main entrance and pupil drop off point was a priority.

A highly detailed construction management plan ensured the highest level of Health & Safety and delivery of the project.


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