12th May 2023

Over 300,000 Accident-Free Hours!

Over 300,000 Accident-Free Hours!

Today we celebrate a major milestone of reaching over 300,000 Accident-Free Hours worked across all our sites, factories and offices. Over the past few weeks we introduced our Health & Safety Pac and followed on with a video of them in action for World Day for Safety and Health at Work. Our Pac truly values the importance of Health and Safety and our celebration today is recognition and thanks to all for their hard work and dedication.

Today we had the pleasure of hosting Lester Cassidy who spoke about his life story and experience with a workplace injury. We are all genuinely inspired by his story and learnings.

Health and Safety is our top priority in CPAC Modular.

Thank you Pac and keep up the great work!

Ireland’s Leading Modular Building Company.

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